Calendar Policy

Periodically, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Texas is asked to publicize in its website calendar events of other organizations with similar constituencies and the intended target audience of attorney-mediators. The following organizations have a history of sponsoring events similar in content and mission to events organized and supported by the membership of the ADR Section of the State Bar of Texas:

• AAM; Association of Attorney Mediators
• TAM; Texas Association of Mediators
• TMCA; Texas Mediator Credentialing Association
• SBOT; the State Bar of Texas
• DRCs; Dispute Resolution Centers around the State of Texas
• Universities and Law Schools in Texas
• Retired or former members of the judiciary in Texas

The organizations, entities and individuals listed above will be granted limited deference with their requests for website calendar publication of ADR events on the ADR Section website. Requests to publicize an event sponsored by one of the above organizations will be granted (and the event posted soon after) so long as the event has been approved by the State Bar of Texas for Texas Bar MCLE credit, and so long as the proposed event does not conflict with the date of another event whose primary sponsor is the ADR Section of the State Bar of Texas. Further, any event posted must be intended for a target audience of attorney-mediators in Texas.

The list of organizations approved for this limited deference in event publicity is subject to change. The ADR Section of the State Bar of Texas also reserves the right to post events sponsored by organizations that are not listed here, upon approval by a majority of the membership of The Council of the ADR Section.

Any conflict between the requesting organization, entity, or individual, and The Council of the ADR Section as to whether a request for publication of an event meets these criteria will be resolved by the membership, at that time, of The Council of ADR Section of the State Bar of Texas alone. An event posted on ADR Section website calendar, unless officially co-sponsored by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Texas is not an endorsement of that publicized event.

To request that an event be posted, please email or otherwise notify a member of The Council of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Texas.