State-by-State List of ADR Statutes & Sections

Uniform Mediation Act by National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

The Federal Arbitration Act

Alabama State Bar Center for Dispute Resolution

Alabama Civil Court Mediation Rules

Alabama Code

Alaska Bar Association

Alaska Mediation Panel

Arizona State Bar ADR Section

Arizona Revised Statutes

Arkansas Bar Association ADR Section

Arkansas Arbitration and Award Statute

California State Bar ADR Committee of the Litigation Section

California ADR Committee’s Lawyer’s Guide to Drafting ADR Clauses

California Business and Professions Code

Colorado Bar Association ADR Section

Colorado Civil Statutes – Arbitration and Mediation Competence

Connecticut Bar Association ADR Section

Connecticut Arbitration Proceedings Statute

Delaware State Bar ADR Section

Delaware Uniform Arbitration Act

Florida Bar ADR Section

Florida Statute on Mediation Alternatives to Judicial Action

Georgia Bar DR Section

Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution

Hawaii Bar ADR Section

Hawaii Uniform Arbitration Act

Idaho Bar ADR Section

Idaho Uniform Arbitration Act

Illinois Bar ADR Section

Illinois ADR Statute

Indiana Bar ADR Section

Indiana ADR Rules

Iowa Bar ADR Resource

Iowa Rules for Board Certification as a Mediator

Kansas Bar ADR Section

Kansas Uniform Arbitration Act and Dispute Resolution Statute

Kentucky Bar ADR Section

Kentucky Arbitration and Award

Louisiana Bar ADR Section

Louisiana Binding Arbitration Law

Louisiana ADR Statutes

Maine Bar ADR Section

Maine ADR Statute

Maryland Bar ADR Section

Maryland ADR Statute

Massachusetts Bar ADR Section

Michigan Bar ADR Section

Michigan Dispute Resolution Statute

Minnesota Bar ADR Section

Minnesota ADR Statute

Mississippi Bar ADR Section

Mississippi Court Annexed Mediation Rules for Civil Litigation

Missouri Bar ADR Committee

Missouri Rules Governing ADR

Montana Bar ADR Committee

Nebraska Bar ADR Committee

Nebraska Articles Citing Uniform Mediation Act

Nevada Bar ADR Section

Nevada Mediation Rules

Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program

New Hampshire Bar ADR

New Hampshire Statute on Arbitration of Disputes

New Jersey Bar ADR Section

New Jersey Courts Dispute Resolution

New Mexico Bar ADR Committee

New Mexico Mediation Procedures Act

New York State Bar ADR Section

New York Courts ADR Reference Page

North Carolina Bar Dispute Resolution Section

North Carolina Revised Uniform Arbitration Act

North Carolina Settlement Procedures in District Court Actions

North Dakota Bar

North Dakota ADR Statutes

Ohio Bar Association

Ohio Supreme Court DR Section

Oklahoma Bar ADR Section

Oklahoma Dispute Resolution Act

Oregon Bar ADR Section

Oregon Statute on Mediation and Arbitration

Pennsylvania Bar ADR Committee

Pennsylvania Code on Informal Dispute Resolution Systems and ADR Systems

Rhode Island Bar

Rhode Island Arbitration Statute

South Carolina Bar ADR Resources

South Carolina Court Annexed ADR Rules

South Dakota Bar ADR Committee

South Dakota Mediation in Divorce Statute

Tennessee Bar DR Section

Tennessee Courts ADR Rule

Texas Bar ADR Section

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Title 7: Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution

Utah State Bar ADR Committee

Utah Statute on Mediation of Contract Negotiation

Utah Statute on Appointment of a Hearing Officer – Hearing Process

Vermont Bar Dispute Resolution Section

Vermont Arbitration Act

Virginia Bar ADR Joint Committee

Virginia Alternative Dispute Resolution Statute

Virginia Promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures

Washington State Bar ADR Section

Washington State Uniform Arbitration Act

Washington State Statute on Dispute Resolution Centers

West Virginia Bar ADR Committee

West Virginia ADR Commission Statute

Wisconsin Bar ADR

Wisconsin ADR Statute

Wyoming Bar

Wyoming ADR Statute