Environmental Conflict Resolution

by Suzanne Schwartz.

Conflicts over environmental preservation and development of resources show no sign of abating. Environmental conflict resolution (ECR) began in 1974, when it was used to settle the seemingly intractable disputes over the Snoqualmie River dam in Washington. Statutory and organizational infrastructures now support ECR. This chapter helps to understanding why and when to use ECR, and principles and best practices for its use. Author Suzanne Schwartz takes a close look at conducting an ECR process. What internal and external assessments can help determine if a situation warrants use of ECR? Who should participate, and what should their roles be? What is important to process design, and what steps best build consensus? Schwartz covers all of these issues, plus the special issue of science in these collaborative processes. Two specific case studies will weave throughout the chapter to illustrate practical application of the principles described.

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